Two Uses For Baby Teeth

Every child loses their baby teeth, and over time, the amount of teeth that comes from all children to the Tooth Fairy will become a huge collection. Fortunately, the teeth do not have to take up space in the Tooth Fairy's home, but instead can be used for many things. This is known as up-cycling, which is the process of converting useless products or waste materials into new products that are of a higher quality and environmental value.

Measure Strontium 90 Levels

Baby teeth can measure strontium 90 radioactivity levels, which has been a big concern since the first nuclear bomb. Experts can use baby teeth to analyze levels of strontium 90, which is a cancer causing radioactive byproduct of nuclear activity including nuclear reactors, power plants, and bombs.

According to Dr. Jay Gould, Director of the Radiation and Public Health Project (RPHP), the chemical structure of strontium 90 is similar to calcium that the body deposits into teeth and bones where it remains and continually emits cancer causing radiation. For this reason, the RHPH is currently collecting baby teeth so they can analyze the connection between calcium and cancer causing radiation. This also allows them to see how power reactors and nuclear weapons fallout will contribute to a cancer epidemic and affect public health.

Used For Jewelry

There are artists that can create tooth jewelry out of children's teeth. You can purchase earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings and have them designed in many unique ways. The enamel from your child's teeth are combined with precious metals to allow them to create this jewelry. This is a unique and special way for a parent to use their child's teeth and keep them around for a very long time.

If you are interested in creating jewelry with your child's teeth, talk to your dentist. They may know who you can contact to have this done, or you can do some research online. They may also be able to tell you some other alternative uses for your child's teeth.

As you can see, teeth are not only for the Tooth Fairy; they can be very useful. To keep your child's teeth healthy so they can be used, make sure to take them to visit the dentist, such as at Alaska Dentistry For Kids, twice a year to get a teeth cleaning. During this time, the dentist can also see other problems so they can be taken care of quickly to keep your child's teeth healthy.