The Benefits Of Dental Implants

One of the most recent tools in the cosmetic dentistry arsenal is dental implants. These realistic-looking replacement teeth look, act and feel like "real" teeth. Whether you've lost just one tooth, a couple of teeth, or you need an entire mouthful of teeth, dental implants offer a number of advantages over more traditional crowns and dentures.

Advantages of choosing dental implants

1. They look and feel like "real" teeth. Dental implants look natural and function like your original teeth. They won't feel uncomfortable or stand out as "fake" teeth. You can do any with dental implants that you could do with your original teeth.

2. There's no slippage. Because dental implants are anchored directly into your jaw, there's no slippage like you can have with even the best-fitting dentures. That means you don't have to worry about the embarrassment of your dentures falling out when you're talking or eating.

3. You can eat all of your favorite foods. When you opt for dental implants, you also don't have to worry about your teeth falling out when you eat your favorite foods, like corn on the cob, apples or barbecued ribs.

4. They can last a lifetime. With proper care and minor adjustments, dental implants can last for the rest of your life. This compares to crowns, which need to be replaced every ten to twenty years.

5. They help to protect your gums and jaw. With crowns and dentures, food particles can get trapped between your teeth and your gums, leading to tooth decay and gum disease. This doesn't happen with dental implants, since these teeth are anchored below the gum line.

6. They put an end to cavities. Since dental implants are made from porcelain, they aren't susceptible to decay like real teeth are. Therefore, you'll never have any cavities in your dental implants.

7. They help to keep your original mouth shape. With many dentures, your mouth can look sunken and old. With dental implants, you keep your original mouth shape, so your face stays youthful and natural looking.

8. You don't have to remove them. There's nothing fun about taking your teeth out at night to soak in a cleaning solution. Most dentures require you to do just that. With dental implants, your teeth can stay in your mouth, where they belong.

While dental implants aren't the right choice for everyone, this dental option is attractive, functional and very durable.