4 Ways To Keep Your Child's Teeth Clean With Braces

Does your child have braces? If so, then you likely know how difficult it can be to keep his or her teeth clean. While braces are often necessary to improve a child's smile, they can make hygiene very difficult. Food can get caught in the braces. Also, the braces can make brushing and flossing challenging. Even though it may be more difficult, maintaining good hygiene is critical with braces. If your child doesn't make an effort to keep his or her teeth clean, plaque, food, and grime could get trapped beneath the braces, doing serious damage to his or her teeth. Here are four ways your child can keep their teeth clean:

Use a pointed brush. Traditional toothbrushes go over the surface of the teeth. That may be fine without braces. However, with braces, a traditional brush may not be able to get underneath the metal of the braces. A pointed brush, also called an interproximal brush, can resolve that problem. They're pointed, with bristles all around the end of the brush. That allows your child to get the brush under the braces and even between his or her teeth. That could be useful for dislodging food and other buildup under the metal of the braces.

Brush more frequently. For children without braces, brushing in the morning and before bed is usually sufficient. However, with braces, more frequent brushing may be needed to get food and plaque off the teeth before it becomes trapped. Have your child brush after every meal. That may require him or her to carry a pocket toothbrush with them at all times. However, that minor inconvenience is well worth having clean teeth and braces.

Rinse their mouth out. While brushing is important, sometimes all your child needs is to simply flush out his or her braces. A few times a day, have your child take a drink of water, swish it around his or her mouth, and then spit it back out. That simple act can dislodge any stuck food. Doing that in between meals can make a big difference in your child's overall dental hygiene.

Get more frequent dental cleanings. Of course, the best and most effective cleanings will come from your child's dentist. If you're worried about your child's hygiene, there's nothing saying you can't get more frequent cleanings while your child has braces. Instead of going every six months, go every three or four months. The dentist can perform a thorough cleaning and get rid of any food or plaque that was missed in your home cleanings.

For more information on how to clean your teeth with braces, talk to your child's dentist like one from Virgin Valley Dental. He or she can recommend tools and tips to keep your child's teeth clean and white.