Speeding Up Your Time In Braces

It's no wonder that people with braces want to get them off quickly. Having braces can be inconvenient, as you have to deal with things like avoiding sticky foods and brushing around brackets and wires. And, of course, you want to see your new, straight smile as soon as you can!

But moving teeth takes time. Generally speaking, the further out of alignment your teeth are, the longer your orthodontist will have you in braces. While there's no magic fix to get you out of your braces tomorrow, there are some things you can do to ensure you're not in braces any longer than is necessary.

Follow The Food Rules

If you have attached braces, you may be sick of hearing about the foods you're not supposed to eat while you have braces. But the list your orthodontist gave you of foods to avoid is important. If you break your braces by biting into some hard toffee or pull out a wire in sticky caramel, not only will you need extra appointments to fix them – you're also slowing down your treatment.

Switch To Regular Braces

If you're using invisible, removable aligners, you know that they have a lot of advantages – they're more comfortable, they don't have the same dietary restrictions as attached braces, and you don't have to worry about having a metallic smile. But they do move your teeth more slowly than metal or ceramic braces that are permanently attached to your teeth. If speed is most important to you, ask your orthodontist about options for attached braces.

Avoid Too-Good-To-Be-True "Cures"

There are a lot of strange ideas and urban myths out there about speeding up braces. Some people say that holding hot water in your mouth will cause your braces to contract, pulling your teeth into alignment faster. At best, these methods are ineffective. And at worst, with home remedies, you could end up damaging your braces, leaving you with a longer treatment time – the opposite of what you want!

Discuss More Aggressive Treatment

Your orthodontist is the one with the expert knowledge. He or she knows how much your teeth need to move and what your treatment plan is. But orthodontists have to strike a balance between speed and avoiding pain. If you aren't finding your teeth to be too painful when you have your braces tightened, you can discuss with your orthodontist the possibility of tightening them more quickly, using thicker wires, or using power chains if you currently have regular ligatures.

For more information, contact the orthodontist at a local clinic like Cazes Family Dentistry LLC.