When You Should Opt For A CEREC Over A Lab Created Crown

Getting a ceramic crown is an important part of maintaining a healthy smile, and if your dentist recommends you as a candidate for one you should know when it's best to opt for a CEREC crown. Ceramic crown options are either through getting a CEREC, or computer-created crown, or one that's created by a ceramist. Though there are differences in the effect and the process involved in making the two types of crowns, each is composed of the same material that can last you a lifetime. So if your dentist has a CEREC machine and offers you the option, there are a few instances when this crown will work better for you. 

You Don't Want To Wait

A CEREC crown can cut the wait time of a new crown down from weeks to days, and sometimes even hours, giving you a permanent result that removes the need for a temporary crown. CEREC machines use advanced imaging and creative software to fabricate a shade, shape, and size of crown that will complement your smile best. The machine only requires imaging of your smile, as well as a little input from your dentist, and it can form, stain, polish, and bake your new ceramic crown in as little as 30 minutes. Though most CEREC crowns will require about two visits for optimal results, some skilled dentists can give you a permanent crown in about two hours. So if you're in a bind for time, consider opting for a CEREC crown.

Your Dentist Is Experienced

Though some lab-created crowns are able to replicate the natural look of your teeth better than a CEREC crown, an experienced dentist can often achieve as beautiful of a result as if you waited for the work of a ceramist. A ceramist sometimes has more experience in creating natural-looking crowns, especially where visibility is high, but finding an experienced ceramist to produce your crown can take extra time for your dentist and it will still not guarantee the best results.

If you use a dentist that has familiarity with producing CEREC crowns you can still get a crown that's beautiful and natural looking, because a CEREC machine fabricates all crowns using the same formulas and processes as a ceramist. So if you have seen previous work or images of your dentist's work using a CEREC machine and you are satisfied with the result, there is no reason you should wait the extra time.

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