Tips For Getting Your Toddler In A Teeth Brushing Routine

Most kids do not put brushing their teeth at the top of their priority list each day. As a parent, it is common to deal with tantrums or complains when encouraging them to brush their teeth before bedtime. Brushing doesn't have to be a constant battle with your toddler. Try using these 3 techniques for getting them into a brushing routine.

Incorporate Music

Try getting your toddler in a good mood about brushing by incorporating a song into their bedtime routine. It doesn't need to be a long song either, since it is recommended that you should brush your teeth for about two minutes each time you do it. All you need to do is play it each time they brush their teeth so that it seems more like a fun activity.

The song will help define when brushing begins and ends, which will help make sure they are brushing long enough for it to be effective. A song will be much more fun than using a traditional timer, and it can help make brushing an activity they look forward to each day.

Use Rewards

All you need is a calendar and some stickers to set up a fun reward system. When your toddler brushes their teeth, simply put a sticker on their calendar for the day. It's up to you to define how many stickers they need for a reward, and what that reward should be. It could be something small, like a new coloring book, if they make it through two weeks of brushing every day.

Having the calendar visible in their bedroom or the bathroom will be a daily reminder that they need to brush their teeth. Knowing that they are so close to a reward may motivate them to not fight the nightly routine, since there is a reward if they keep it up for a few more days.

Educate Your Child

It's never too early to start educating your child about brushing their teeth, since it will be the foundation of good oral hygiene habits for the rest of their life. There are children's books at your local library that can help educate them about the benefits of brushing, as well as the consequences of not doing it. You can incorporate these stories into their nighttime routine by reading them together before bedtime and before brushing.

For more tips about getting your toddler into a brushing routine, speak to your dentist, one like Family First Dentistry LLC.