Does Your Child Have Discolored Gums? What To Know Before It's Too Late

Are you noticing that your child's smile doesn't look healthy, and that they have discolored teeth and gum tissue? This indicates that they need to be checked out by a dentist to see if there are any oral health complications, and they need to have their teeth and gums cleaned. Even worse, the child could be suffering from pediatric periodontal disease. Here are a few signs of pediatric periodontal disease that you want to look out for.

Constant Bad Breath

Does your child constantly have bad breath, even shortly after they brush their teeth? This is most likely from the bacteria that are living around their mouth and deep in the gum tissue. Until the bacteria are cleaned out and all of the oral health complications are treated, you may not be able to get rid of this bad breath.


The gum tissue should look healthy and pink, especially in a child that hasn't had to maintain the tissue for years. If the tissues are white, yellow, green, or they have a discharge, your child needs a deep tissue cleaning right away. The bacteria can cause discoloration of the teeth and tongue as well.

Bleeding and Sensitivity

Is your child always complaining that it hurts their gums to brush and floss, or is there a lot of blood when they do either? If so, this could indicate that the tissues are damaged. This is also a sign of periodontal disease. Not only can this be painful for your child, but it can also make their mouth very sensitive to sugar, and hot or cold foods. If the tissues are open and bleeding, this could increase their risk of getting a dental abscess. The abscess is an infection that can be severe enough to cause death if it isn't treated.

You don't want your child to go through life needing a great deal of dental work because you didn't treat their signs of gum disease seriously, and because you didn't get them the medical attention they needed. You'll want to take them to the dentist, likeImage Dentistry, and ask if your child should see a periodontal specialist for their current tissue concerns. Part of caring for your child's teeth properly will be up to you. Make sure that you stress the importance of oral health care, and that you monitor and assist as much as possible to turn this tissue problem around.