Same-Day Crown Guide

A dental crown is a necessity if you have a root canal, since this will effectively cover the hole and provide a permanent guard against infection. The inconvenience for many people is that it can take a couple of appointments before the permanent crown is placed. Fortunately, some dentists are able to provide same-day crowns. The following can help you better understand the procedure so you can decide whether it is a good choice for you.

Is a temporary crown still necessary?

No. The permanent crown is formed and fitted in a single visit, so there is no need to have a temporary crown or to return for a permanent fitting at a later date.

How is the crown made?

The crowns are made of ceramic, just like traditional crowns. The difference is in the mechanics. Instead of taking an impression of your tooth and sending it to a lab for the the crown to be custom formed, the dentist will use a special wand to photograph the tooth. The imaging results are then fed into a machine that forms the crown. This means the crown is still custom fit to your tooth.

Are they suitable for all teeth?

Same-day crowns are primarily used on the molars, since they may not be perfect in shape. Generally, any minor imperfections aren't highly noticeable unless they are on a front tooth. Your dentist can help you determine how likely a perfect match is for you so you can make an educated decision on which type of crown to use.

Will the color match?

Yes. Just like when a dentist mixes up a filling or orders a traditional crown, the machine will match the color of the crown it forms to the natural color of your teeth.

Are there sensitivity issues?

Any crown placement will most likely result in a short term sensitivity to hot and cold. The difference is duration. Traditional crowns can take one or two weeks to be placed once the temporary crown is installed. This means you will be dealing with sensitivity for at least this long. With same-day crowns, the sensitivity usually fades within a couple of days.

What other care concerns are there?

Very few. Same-day crowns are just as durable as traditional crowns. You brush and floss them the same as you would any other tooth. You do want to be careful when eating hard or sticky foods, as these can crack or chip a crown. This is true for both traditional and same day varieties.

For more help, talk to a dentist in your area.