About Tooth Extraction, Healing, And Replacement

If you have to have a tooth extracted, then you'll want to know what to expect while you are in the chair and what to expect after. You will also want to have a good understanding of what some of your teeth replacement options will be. The information detailed in this article will educate you on tooth extractions so you are better versed when you go in for one.

What to expect during the process

A tooth extraction can be done once you are put under, or it can be done while you are awake. The method of choice will depend on what you and the dentist decide on and feel comfortable with. Once you are numb either way, so you won't feel the extraction, the dentist will begin. While you won't feel anything you should prepare yourself for the sound if you are awake; this is what tends to bother some people the most. While some teeth pull right out, others break apart, and it can be a bit loud. The process shouldn't take longer than a few minutes, and the tooth will be out.

What to expect once the procedure is done

The socket will be packed with sterile gauze once the tooth has been extracted. The dental office may send you off with extra gauze and instructions on how often to replace the gauze with new gauze. This will help to control the bleeding. A clot will form in the socket that will soon prevent further bleeding. You have to be careful with this clot by not doing things that can cause it to break free, such as using straws, smoking or doing other things that cause you to make sucking motions with your mouth. The dentist will send you home with medications to prevent infection and to help with pain. Take them as you are instructed.

Tooth replacement options

You have some different tooth replacement options with regards to how you replace the tooth that was extracted. If you have good anchoring teeth that meet the criteria, then you can go with a bridge. You can also have a dental implant put in if you have good bone density and heal quickly. There is also the option of going with a partial denture. Each one of these options will prove to be good and come with their own set of benefits. You want to discuss your options with your dentist to determine which is best for your own needs.