How To Reduce A Toothache

Nothing is quite as unpleasant and nagging as the constant pain of a toothache. If you're waiting on a dental appointment and want relief now, try these four tips for help.

Anti-inflammatory Medication

One way to help reduce the pain in your mouth is to take an oral anti-inflammatory medication like ibuprofen. These medications are designed to reduce inflammation in the entire body as well as reducing your pain. If you have any kind of inflammation in your gums that's helping to cause the pain in your tooth, it could drastically improve your pain level.

Numbing Gel

Many dental companies produce numbing gels that are specifically designed for pain in the mouth. For example, Oralgel is a good one that topically numbs the surface it's applied to. If you're in pain, try using an oral numbing gel and applying it directly to your tooth and its supporting gum for immediate relief.

Oral Wax

Chances are if you're in pain, you're probably grinding or clenching your teeth as a result. Unfortunately, putting pressure on the tooth that's hurting can make matters worse. Consciously unclenching your jaw can help, but it's easy to slip back into the behavior when you're distracted.

To ease your jaw clenching, consider using some oral wax that's intended for preventing rubbing while wearing braces. This oral wax is non-toxic and safe to have in your mouth, and you can put it directly between the teeth that are hurting. It will provide a soft barrier that will prevent as much pressure from being distributed to the damaged or painful tooth.

Cold Compress

Toothaches can originate from a lot of difference places. For example, your tooth could hurt because you have a cavity on the surface, or it might hurt because the roots beneath it in your jaw are infected. Since the jaw could potentially be involved in your toothache, a cold compress on the jaw and cheek can help.

While a cold compress won't combat the actual cause, it can be very soothing if your jaw is in pain or has inflammation. Simply get a cold, wet washcloth and hold it to your jaw for a few minutes. Re-wet as necessary to maintain the cold. You should feel an immediate reduction of your discomfort.

Dental pain and toothaches can be a real bother, but with these steps, you can make it more bearable until you can get to a dentist. If you haven't made an appointment yet, don't delay; waiting could make your problem worse and require more in-depth procedures to fix. For more information, contact a company like Dentistry For Children.