How To Overcome Your Own Fear Of The Dentist

Children are usually the ones that fear the dentist the most, although most grow out of that fear. The ones that don't turn into adults that fear the dentist. This fear can stop you from getting into the dentist for you regular cleanings and can result in cavities, gum disease and poor oral health overall. Conquering this fear is important for your dental health. See below for tips on how to overcome your dental anxiety:

Causes Of Anxiety

The cause of dental anxiety can be different for everyone. 

  • Past Experience. A negative past experience could lead to future fears that they will all be bad experiences.
  • Sensitivity. If you have sensitive teeth, or gag easily, it could lead to fears.
  • Embarrassment. Embarrassment over your oral health can make you fearful of what the dentist may say, or fear of the dental treatment and procedure ahead.
  • Needles. A fear of needles, such as getting a shot when getting a cavity filled can make you anxious to go to the dentist.

How To Overcome Fear

Overcoming your fear of the dentist may be difficult, but needs to be done. Going to the dentist for routine cleanings and exams can help prevent problems with your teeth and your oral health:

  1. Talk To Your Dentist. Talk to the dentist beforehand about your fears and ways he thinks he can help with those fears, whether it's taking the procedures slowly, or taking the time to explain the procedure to you so you know exactly what to expect.
  2. Sedation. If you need extra sedation to get through the exam, talk to your dentist about having this done in order to help get the exam completed.
  3. Take Good Care Of Your Teeth. Taking better care of your teeth will prevent extra trips to the dentist, and will prevent procedures such as cavity fillings and root canals, which can be painful. Brush twice daily, floss every day and avoid sugary or highly acidic foods.
  4. Distraction. Using distraction can help overcome your fear. Use music or a book on tape while sitting in the exam chair to avoid thinking about what is going on with your teeth.
  5. Take A Friend. Bring a friend or your partner with you to the dentist to help keep you calm.

Fear of the dentist can stop some from getting to the dentist for regular checkups and exams, which are necessary for good oral health. Don't let fear stop you, get into the dentist for your routine cleanings.