Secrets You Can'T Hide From Your Dentist

You may brush, eat well, and visit the dentist for your regular annual exams. While these tasks are essential for your oral health, your mouth, teeth, and gums may still be in need of help. Most people will spend a good portion of time cleaning their teeth before an upcoming exam, but there are a few things you cannot hide from your dentist. Here are 3 secrets that you may try to hide from your dentist, but can't.

You Don't Really Floss

At each appointment, your dentist will ask if you are flossing, but they actually already know the answer. Even if you floss the night and morning before your exam, your dentist will see the signs that you are not flossing like directed.

Without flossing each day, food and plaque will build up in between your teeth and on your gum tissue. Flossing a few hours before your appointment may remove larger pieces of food, but this once-in-a-while act is not sufficient.

Flossing each day will help your gums stay strong and healthy, as well. If you have only flossed once the night or morning before your appointment, your gum tissue will be swollen, red, and even bleeding light.

If you are not flossing daily, your dentist will know.

You Have an Eating Disorder

Characterized by binging on food and then purging by vomiting, bulimia nervosa is a serious eating disorder that can wreak havoc on your physical and emotional well-being. While surprising for many people, bulimia nervosa can also affect your oral health.

Excessive consumption of sugary foods, which is common in patients with bulimia, can lead to tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease. Also, the vomiting after purging brings stomach acids into the throat and mouth. These acids will eat away at your tooth enamel, dry out the mouth, and cause cavities, tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath.

If you are part of the 4.7 million females or 1.5 million males living with bulimia, you may be hiding the disorder from everyone in your life. Fortunately, you cannot hide this eating disorder from your dentist, since the acts of binging and purging will affect your mouth, teeth, and gums drastically.

Inadequate flossing will not lead to a life-threatening condition. However, bulimia is a serious disorder that requires intense treatment. Your dentist will notice these secrets and advise you on the best ways to restore oral, physical, and emotional health.Contact a dental office, like BAHMAN GUIV DENTAL, for more