Tips To Help You Learn How To Eat After Getting Dentures

Making the decision to get dentures is a big decision that offers a lot of great benefits. Getting dentures will help you look nicer and will help you be able to speak more clearly. Dentures can also make it easier to eat, especially if you have been living without most of your teeth for some time. While dentures can make it easier to eat, it will take some time for you to get used to your new dentures. Here are some tips that may help you learn how to eat after getting dentures.

Start with soft foods

After getting dentures, they might feel awkward in your mouth, and this is simply because they are new and you are not acquainted with them yet. Because of this, eating may also seem awkward at first, and you should try to get used to them by eating a diet made up of soft foods only. This can include beverages, jello, pudding, oatmeal, applesauce, and soup. If you start with foods like this, you will slowly get the hang of eating with dentures.

Try to balance out food on both sides of your mouth

As you eat any types of foods, you should try to balance out the food on both sides of your mouth, and you should aim to use your back teeth to do any chewing necessary. By evening this out, you will have a lower chance that the dentures will fall out, plus this will help you learn how to eat with your new dentures.

Take small bites

Taking small bites is another good step to start out with after getting dentures. If you can learn to chew up small bites of food, you will be able to gradually build up to bigger bites of food. Eating with dentures is different than eating with natural teeth or with a mouth that is missing teeth, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time to master these types of skills before trying to eat like you normally did before getting dentures.

Use a denture adhesive

The other important thing you should do is use adhesive with your dentures. Denture adhesive is designed to hold the dentures in place while you eat or speak, and this type of adhesive will help you get used to your dentures.

It may take a few weeks for you to get used to eating after you get dentures, but once you are used to it, eating will be a breeze. To learn more about dentures, contact a dental professional like Thomas Krull, DDS, PC.