Sip Your Way To A Better Smile Through A Straw

A cool beverage can be refreshing on a hot afternoon. While you know that the cool liquid will satiate your thirst, you might not realize that the way you drink the beverage could have an impact on your smile.

Make the choice to use a reusable straw for all of your drinking needs if you want to preserve the integrity and beauty of your smile.

Straws Ward Off Decay

Tooth decay can have serious consequences. Decaying teeth will need to be covered over with a crown, or extracted and replaced with an artificial tooth instead. Tooth decay is caused by exposure to bacteria. The bacteria eat away at the enamel surface of a tooth, exposing the root and pulp.

Using a reusable straw to sip all of your beverages can be a simple way to help ward off tooth decay. A straw delivers your beverage directly into the esophagus. Bypassing exposure to the teeth can prevent the sugars found in many beverages from becoming a source of food for decay-causing bacteria.

Straws Prevent Stains

Your teeth probably feel like they are smooth and strong. For the most part, they are. The surface of each of your teeth is actually porous. This means that some of the foods and drinks that you consume could infuse their way into your enamel.

Beverages like coffee, red wine, and fruit juice can contain stain-inducing particles. Using a reusable straw to drink these beverages will prevent the stain particle from coming into contact with your teeth. This will help you keep a whiter smile over time.

Straws Can Reduce Sensitivity

Many people suffer from tooth sensitivity. Teeth become sensitive to cold or hot temperatures when the enamel is worn thin. Sudden stabs of pain can be associated with sensitivity, making eating or drinking an unpleasant experience.

A reusable straw can help combat sensitivity in a couple of important ways. First, the straw will help limit additional enamel wear that will lead to increased sensitivity in the future. Second, a straw will help you avoid having hot or cold liquids come into contact with your teeth, reducing the potential for those sharp pains that accompany tooth sensitivity.

A reusable straw is a simple and inexpensive object, but it can be a valuable tool when it comes to preserving the health and beauty of your mouth. Make the choice to use a straw when drinking any beverage to prevent decay, keep your teeth white, and reduce sensitivity over time.

Consult a cosmetic dentist for more tips on keeping your smile white and attractive.