Lower Denture Problems? How an Implant Procedure Could Help

In a perfect world, health and dental procedures wouldn't cost an arm and a leg, but it is what it is. Fortunately, when it comes to dental work, you can work with the dentist to create a treatment plan that will work with your budget. This means you can continue to work towards a healthy, beautiful smile even when you don't have thousands of dollars in your pocket to work with. Here, you'll find how implants can improve the fit and feel of your lower denture.

Problems with the Lower Denture

There are three main problems that many lower denture wearers have: chewing problems, fitting issues, and jaw bone damages.

Chewing problems aren't supported like the upper plate is, so it's very hard on the lower jaw bone that it rests on. Your lower denture relies on the cheek muscles, tongue and jawbone to support and keep the denture in place. When the lower denture doesn't fit right, chewing becomes very difficult and sometimes embarrassing.

As you age, the bones will begin to lose their density—this makes the denture fit loosely again. With age, the cheek muscles also begin to lose their strength so it can become more difficult to hold them in place. If you continue to wear loose-fitting dentures, you'll cause even more damage to the bones in your mouth and jaw and eventually, it may be very difficult, if not impossible, to wear a denture on the worn-down bones.

Implants Can Fix the Issues

How would you feel about upgrading that lower denture that's causing you problems? It's possible that your dentist will be able to work with the lower plate that you already have and surgically implant posts for the denture to connect to in your mouth.

What would happen is, you go to the dentist for a consultation. He'll likely take some X-rays, maybe do a dental cleaning, and look into your options. If you have enough healthy bones left in the lower jaw, they may suggest that you have some implants placed so that the denture can snap to them. You will have to pay for the alterations of the denture, but it will be far less than what you'd pay to get a whole new lower plate made.

Once you feel how secure your implant supported lower denture is, you may want to save up your cash and complete the same procedure for the top denture. Talk with services like Orange Door Dental Group to learn more.