Dental Tips For Women Who Are Pregnant

If you have recently become pregnant, you are likely doing plenty of research on what you should be doing that is best for the health of your baby. Here are some helpful oral health tips for pregnant mothers-to-be.

Dealing With Vomiting

It's likely that you are experiencing regular bouts of morning sickness in your early stages of pregnancy. For some women, this means dealing with vomiting quite regularly. A common mistake made after vomiting is immediately brushing your teeth. This is not good, since you are actually brushing all of those stomach acids against the surface of your teeth, which can damage your tooth enamel. 

You want to take a different approach right afterward, which means rinsing out your mouth using a homemade solution of water with dissolved baking soda in it. This helps lower the overall acidity levels in your mouth, which causes less damage to your tooth enamel. Rinse out your mouth and let your saliva wash away some of the acidity before brushing your teeth.

Attending Dental Exams

You may be afraid of going to the dentist because of the potential harm that it can cause to your baby. Know that your dentist is well aware of how to safely perform a dental exam for pregnant woman. X-rays can be delayed until your next appointment after you give birth at your request, but may be necessary if your dentist detects a serious problem. That said, dental x-rays are safe for you and your baby. The amount of radiation used is within safe levels, and the x-ray is focused on your mouth and not your whole body.

In addition, dental checkups are great for inspecting your gums and finding early signs of gum disease. Your gums are more susceptible to problems with bleeding while pregnant, and a dentist can help you with gum disease if caught in the early stages.

Eating Right

You'll be making changes to your diet when you are pregnant, but you can incorporate foods that are good for your oral health. Eating foods that are rich in calcium will help keep your teeth healthy, since your body is using a lot of calcium for the baby's development. You can also take vitamin supplements to help give you the nutrients that you are lacking through the foods that you eat.

These are just a few ways that you can maintain your oral healthy while pregnant. Speak to a dentist for any additional tips that you can follow.