What You Can Have Done After Losing A Tooth

Loosing a tooth is a big fear for many people, especially a tooth that is visible when they smile or talk. If you have recently lost a tooth, or you suspect that you have a tooth or two that are going to be extracted in the near future, you might start to wonder what you can do once the extraction is done. Of course, you can always leave it alone and simply have a missing tooth, but if that is not an option that interests you, you will want to continue reading.

A Bridge

You can talk to your dentist about getting a bridge. This is ideal for a single missing tooth, as a fake one will go in position and it is held there through connections to the teeth on either side of it. The surrounding teeth have to be in really good shape though, as this can put some strain on them.

Partial Dentures

A partial denture is a good option when you have more than one missing tooth. If you have two or more missing teeth, you can ask your dentist about getting a partial denture. The partial denture will clip into place and fill the void left by the extracted teeth with false teeth. However, some people do not like the idea of having to take something out of their mouth every night when they get ready for bed.


Another good option to consider is dental implants. Whether you have one tooth missing, five teeth missing, or all of them are going to be extracted, you can have dental implants as a nice permanent solution. If this is an option that you are considering for yourself, you will want to speak to your dentist right away. He or she will need to take some x-rays of your bone structure to make sure that you have plenty of bone in your mouth that is in good shape. This is because the implants require screws to be inserted into your jawbones. Those screws are what the implants connect to when they are put in.

As you can see, there are a few options for anyone that is missing one or more teeth and would like to fill in those gaps. Set an appointment with a dental office, such as Centre Family Dentistry, so you can begin to discuss those options and determine which might be the best one for you.