Dentures Information You Might Want to Know

Dentures are available to those who are missing some or all of their teeth. If you are missing any of your teeth, then you should replace your missing teeth. If you plan on getting dentures or you are still at the point of researching dentures from local dentists, then here are some answers to things you may wonder about.

What different kinds of dentures are there?

You can get dentures for one tooth, or you can get full dentures that replace all of your teeth. You can also get dentures that replace several missing teeth, even when your missing teeth may be in different parts of your mouth. You can also go with dentures even if you already have a bridge or implants. The dentures will be built around them just as it is around the rest of your natural teeth. Dentures that replace some of your teeth are partial dentures, commonly called "partials," and full dentures are simply referred to as dentures. 

How is eating with dentures?

It will take a short amount of time for you to get used to the feeling of eating with dentures when you have never worn them before. While there are some foods you shouldn't eat with dentures in, such as gum or very hard foods that can break them, you can eat most of the foods you usually do. Once you are used to eating with them in, you will soon forget you are wearing them at all while you eat. 

How do you take care of dentures?

They can't be whitened the way teeth can be, so you need to take steps to prevent staining. You want to brush your dentures after eating any foods you know can be especially staining to them. You also need to clean them at night and soak them overnight while you sleep. Use a soft toothbrush to brush them, along with a denture paste because regular toothpaste will be too abrasive. When you take good care of your dentures, they can stay looking great for years. 

Dentures give you a great way to get the smile you want and help to prevent jawbone deterioration, which can happen when you go with missing teeth for a good amount of time. Plus, dentures can help you to eat the foods you want again if you are missing many of your teeth. They can also make your speech easier to understand. They can help give you back your smile.