Invisalign Smile Alignment Myths To Know As An Adult

Issues with your bite or the alignment of your teeth can lead to a host of issues. While many individuals get orthodontic care during adolescence, this is not always the case. If you are an adult that needs orthodontic treatment, the topic of Invisalign or another treatment using clear aligners may come up. This innovative form of smile alignment treatment is less conspicuous than traditional metal braces, but can be just as effective.

Three Types Of Dental Anesthesia Options You Should Be Aware Of For Your Child

There are many reasons your child may need anesthesia for a dental procedure. Perhaps he or she will be undergoing a painful procedure or your child is very young. Your child may be overly fearful or nervous, so local anesthesia will not suffice. If your child has special needs, they may not be calm enough for a local anesthetic either. In any of these cases, a pediatric dentist may have several options available to you.