Why An Oral Abscess Is A Dental Emergency

If you experience throbbing and shooting pain in the mouth, sensitivity to extreme temperatures, and a fever, then you may have a dental abscess. This is even more likely if you see a protruding mass in the gum tissues near one of your teeth. Dental abscesses are considered emergencies, and you should seek out an emergency dentist at a dental office like Milner Dentistry. Keep reading to learn about some reasons why an abscess is an emergency.

2 Surpising Holiday Foods Your Dentist Wants You To Avoid

The holidays are approaching quickly, so you may be preparing decorations and planning menus for upcoming parties and gatherings. Most people splurge on fatty and sugary foods over the holiday season, which can be bad for your waistline, but many of the holiday foods you crave can also affect your oral health. To reduce your risk of tooth discoloration, cavities, and gum disease, your dentist wants you to avoid these common foods this holiday season.

Considering Dental Veneers? 3 Steps To Choosing The Right Veneers For You

If you are considering obtaining dental veneers, then you may not realize that your cosmetic dentist will present you with several options in dental veneer materials to choose from, color options, and other dental veneer customization options. While all dental veneers will help you achieve that new set of pearly whites that you desire, choosing the material that is best for your lifestyle and customizing them to achieve the exact smile you desire is very important.

Secrets You Can'T Hide From Your Dentist

You may brush, eat well, and visit the dentist for your regular annual exams. While these tasks are essential for your oral health, your mouth, teeth, and gums may still be in need of help. Most people will spend a good portion of time cleaning their teeth before an upcoming exam, but there are a few things you cannot hide from your dentist. Here are 3 secrets that you may try to hide from your dentist, but can't.

5 Ways To Prevent Tooth Loss

Whether they're caused by trauma or disease, missing teeth can negatively affect your life in several ways. They can make you self-conscious about your appearance and make it more difficult to eat and speak. If you take care of your pearly whites and avoid bad habits, you may be able to keep your teeth for a lifetime. Here are five effective ways to prevent tooth loss: Stop Grinding Your Teeth